QCD Restaurant Survival Guide

An Online Ordering Platform That Works for You

Reclaim your customer info and profits with an ordering  system that YOU control!

Get More Customers & Online Orders Without Paying Outrageous Commission Fees!

Start getting more orders for pickup, delivery, and curbside on your own website and right in Facebook! 

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How Our Platform Works for You

We first help you install online food ordering. It's easy, fast and beautiful.
Then we help you market your services so you can start generating more revenue right away.

Best of all... you know who's ordering, can track customer data,
and don't pay the high commissions to third-party ordering bullies.

Step 1: Set up your Online Ordering System

Simply give us your menu and we’ll build your online ordering system, so your customers can place orders directly from your website and your Facebook Page. 

Step 2: Add Online Ordering on your Website & Social Media

We’ll add online ordering to your website, Facebook page, and Google listing so customers can place orders quickly & easily.

BONUS: Your customers don't need to create accounts or log into other complicated websites!

If you don’t have your own website, we can build one for you quickly!

Step 3: Real-time Orders

Your customers will see their order being accepted at the same time as you receive and acknowledge it using our mobile app. You can use your phone or tablet, either on iOS or Android. You don't need to pay for any extra hardware rentals to be operational!

Step 4: You Control Everything

Using our simple but powerful restaurant ordering back-end tools, you can create 13 different types of promotions, track visitor activity, see menu and ordering statistics, bulk email customers... even track your Google ranking!

Best of all, you know who your customers are and have direct access for customer service and marketing.

Bonus Feature! Automatic VIP Club Integration!

Our Online Ordering System integrates perfectly with our SMS VIP Club platform. Once a customer orders from your Facebook Page or website, they can automatically be added to your SMS and email marketing campaigns!

Everything You Need and Your Customers Want

Online Ordering

Drive more revenue through Online sales immediately!

Reporting Dashboard

Gain valuable insight on all your customers so you can drive more sales.

Order taking app

Receive, accept and schedule orders in real time.

Unlimited zero-commission orders

Your pricing stays the same even as your business continues to grow!

Multi location support

Manage multiple locations from the same account, and share menus and promotions between locations

Dedicated support

Reach out to our First-class support team, always here to help you thrive.

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