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Draw New and Loyal Customers with an SMS VIP Club

Increase Your Profits Immediately
Without External Advertising 

Boost Buyer Frequency and Spending With Personalized Offers

The Advertising Dilemma: Issues with Traditional Coupons

The power of advertising allows you to reach an audience of people, hoping it results in new customers. 

Although coupons work to drive new customers into your restaurant, the issue is not knowing who redeemed the coupon.

Why would it be beneficial to know who redeemed the coupon?
So you could send more promotional offers to this customer!

Three Simple Steps To Maximize Customer Value

Discover how a VIP Club can help you increase foot traffic, sales, and customer retention.

Step 1: Customer Capture

We install multiple channels to capture vital information of your existing customers: Name, Mobile Number, Email, Anniversary, birthday.

Step 2: Customer Outreach

As more customers join the VIP Club, you grow a list of loyal and eager customers. You send out offers and digital coupons when you need the extra business.

Step 3: Increase Revenue

With a guaranteed way to reach your customers, we help you get more repeat business from your existing customers, so they come back more often, bringing in more revenue!

But Sending Text messages Is Just The Beginning

There are many other ways to engage existing and new customers with these great extra features:

Loyalty Rewards

Reward customers for their loyal actions and keep track of the number of coupon redemptions, dollar value spent, and Facebook check-ins. Rewards can be issued for single or tiered goal levels!

Customer Surveys

Gain valuable customer feedback with ratings, multiple-choice, and open-ended questions. Instantly move surveyees to campaigns and reward completed surveys with coupons.

Automated Contests

Get more customers and orders with contests. Create time-limited entries, weekly draws, random or numbered winners. Reward contestants with unique coupons to drive more sales!

Every Customer Engagement Grows your Customer List

Why Your Restaurant Needs a VIP Club

  • EFFECTIVE MARKETING: Send your customers time-limited promotions are proven to get immediate response! We reach them by both email and text messaging! Text messages are opened and read 98% within three minutes of receipt. This means your promotions are guaranteed to be seen by your customers!
  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS: VIP messages are sent whenever you want or need. There's no need to wait for printing and mailing. Announce upcoming events, new hours, specials or menu changes instantly.
  • TRACK CUSTOMER VALUE: Our system gives you the ability to track which coupons and offers are being redeemed, as well as which customers are most engaged and what they are spending at your restaurant. You can't get this critical data from print coupons and direct mail flyers!
  • GUARANTEED SALES INCREASE: It costs 5 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. We ensure your regulars come in more often, and spend more money with you, so you can increase revenue!
  • CELEBRATION  MARKETING: Give your customers a reason to celebrate their special occasions at your restaurant, not elsewhere. We build custom Birthday and Anniversary Clubs for your restaurant, so you can boost revenue.

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